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Muzzle Brake Comparison Chart

How The Muzzle Brake Works

Recoil is produced in two ways: Primary and Secondary...

Primary recoil is caused by the weight of the bullet as it accelerates down the barrel.

Secondary recoil is caused by the propulsion gases as they blast out of the muzzle. Like a rocket, they propel the rifle backward into your shoulder.

There isn't much you can do about primary recoil, but secondary recoil can be almost totally eliminated by changing the direction of the thrust generated by the gases. With the Muzzle Brake installed, the bullet serves as a valve, holding back the gases and causing them to blast laterally out of the 30 pressure ports. Since the gases exit at 90 degrees to the muzzle, they cancel each other out. The gases vented upward would drive the muzzle down, but the force is neutralized by the gases vented downward which are trying to push the muzzle up. The same thing occurs with the gases venting to the left and right. Thus, an overall equalizing of forces occurs which results in a very stable muzzle and a very healthy reduction in felt-recoil at the shoulder.

Since there is no direct contact between the bullet and the insides of the Muzzle Brake, there is no effect on accuracy or velocity. Many shooters have reported improved accuracy, although this is largely due to improved shooting, since flinching is no longer a problem. With the Muzzle Brake, even youngsters and ladies can handle the big bore magnums with ease.

Barrel porting systems divert gases laterally and the noise follows. The increased noise for the shooter and bystanders is "directly proportionate to the effectiveness of the recoil reduction." Since Odenthal's Guns, Inc. Muzzle Brake reduces recoil to the maximum degree, the noise is increased approximately 20 percent. Bystanders should stand well behind the shooter, and hearing protection is advised for most shooting situations.



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