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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why does my Benelli jamb and/or not lock up completely?

A:  The most common cause is the action spring housing is dirty and/or rusty.  This is a sealed unit from Benelli.  I have a conversion to make it serviceable.

Q:  Why does the safety on my Browning O/U get caught in the middle and won’t fire?

A:  I have a conversion with a set screw I can block the selector part of the safety and then it is either on or off with no way it can get caught in the middle.

Q:  What can be done to make my shotgun pattern better for turkey hunting?

A:  With turkey loads you are forcing more shot down the barrel than it can efficiently handle which causes a lot of deformed pellets.  A lengthened forcing cone will make a dramatic difference in your pattern.  (see services)

Q:  What can be done to make my rifle more accurate and hold its point of impact?

A:  My most common rifle to accurize is a bolt action.  The three main things that need to be done would be to 1) bed the stock; 2) set the trigger up properly; and 3) re-cut the crown.

Q:  What can be done to help a new shooter?

A:  A new shooter needs to have the gun properly fit and address if there will be a recoil issue, especially women and younger kids.

Q:  I have purchased a new rifle and the recoil is more than I am comfortable with.  What can be done?

A:  I make a muzzle brake that will cut the recoil 50-80%.  I can also install a premium recoil pad.


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